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Translation Process

Translation Process graph

We take pride in complete accuracy and customer satisfaction from start to finish.
The first step is receiving the information about the project, including project specification and glossary. The next step is registering the project with GlobalComm.

As soon as this is completed, one of our highly qualified staff of experts will produce a first draft of the translation.

The document will then go to the first of two proofreaders.

At this point you will have the option to revise or modify the text and the proofreader will then apply those modifications.

The text will then be read by a second proofreader.

The next step is a final editing, followed by quality assurance and final verification.

The finished translation is delivered to you with an option of storing a copy with GlobalComm or having us destroy the material.

Strict adherence to these standards ensures impeccable quality translations on every project.